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        Suzhou Convention and Exhibition One-stop Service Center aims to provide exhibition venues construction, promotion and publicity, planning and execution and bonus claim etc. It is established to serve as a demonstration window for relevant business consultation, contact and service of Suzhou Convention and Exhibition Industry, and upgrade the professional service level of Suzhou Convention and Exhibition Industry with professional reception, standardized service, efficient and convenient one-stop resource allocation.

        Contact person of site resources:

        Zhang Xin°Įan

        Mobile: 15050481210

        E-mail: 1959474439@qq.com

        Contact person of publicity resources:

        Li Zhixin

        Mobile: 18112579758

        E-mail: 971956042@qq.com

        Contact person of planning resources:

        He Yunxia

        Mobile: 13913187151

        E-mail: 273395278@qq.com

        Contact person of reward application:

        Jin Wen

        E-mail: 523839908@qq.com