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        With the theme of Industrial park operation, the Company provides integrated solutions for industrial real estate developers, so as to build a model of industrial park operation from the aspects of park brand, service quality and experience of enterprises settled in. The Company is committed to providing customers with characteristic services from the aspects of the precise recommendation of investment resources, precise management and control of investment process and precise promotion of enterprise services, so as to provide full service for enterprises entering the park easily and enhance the operation efficiency of the park.

        The specific business includes:

        1. Agency services: Work done through department collaboration and external assistance, including business registration services, marketing agency services, advertising agency services, financial services, legal services and project demonstration, etc.

        2. Science and technology services: Work related to technology upgrade and transformation of manufacturing enterprises in the industrial park, including technology upgrade, technology transfer and technology exchange and cooperation, etc.

        3. Training services: Provide enterprises in the industrial park with management and technology training, including management training, financial training and policy training, etc.

        4. Information services: Provide information services for enterprises in the industrial park with the help of the park We-Media (website or WeChat public platform), including supply and demand information release, policy information notification and exhibition information notification, etc.

        5. Internet + services: Provide enterprises in the industrial park with relevant work based on Internet technology, including e-commerce platform construction, enterprise website and online marketing, etc.