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        Professional solutions to the five shortcomings of venue operation: Low efficiency of manual management, numerous management loopholes, high labor cost, no fixed publicity channel and scattered customer resources.

        Scope of business:

        1. Venue management

        Implement human-based venue management and contract the daily operation and management of scheduled venue, payment, exit and change, lock and package in an all-around way, to effectively reduce labor cost and improve efficiency.

        2. Ticket sale

        Open up the extremely fast ticketing system to greatly reduce material costs and avoid busy peak period.

        3. Membership system

        Customize to meet the needs of members of venues with different business models.

        4. Training management

        The perfect training system is adapted to a variety of training systems in the market, which can avoid the loss caused by the cumbersome manual records.

        5. Daily operation

         (1) Be responsible for the daily operation and management of the venue service center under its jurisdiction, including venue patrol supervision and job placement for operators.

         (2) Be responsible for conference reception and service for the visiting leaders.

         (3) Be responsible for the construction of various management systems of the service center.

         (4) Establish and improve the service center management system and supervise its implementation.